Canonical Launches Ubuntu Edge Crowdfunding Campaign

edge-4-largeOn Monday, a new Indiegogo crowdfunding project launched for the proposed Ubuntu Edge– the (hopefully) soon-to-be superphone-computer hybrid from Canonical Ltd. The company famous for the Ubuntu operating system hopes the new device will bring users an all-in-one computing experience. The device will function as an Android smartphone, for the app base and calling functionality, and a desktop-like computer running Ubuntu when docked with a monitor.

The project is hoping to bring in a paltry $32 million by August 22nd. At the time of writing this article, the campaign has brought in an astounding $6.5 million in a mere 4(ish) days. And it’s not surprising when you see the list of specs on this open and unlocked wonder-in-waiting. The phone boasts, amongst other things, a 128GB SSD which comes stock with both Android and the Ubuntu mobile OS, a super scratch resistant sapphire (yes, sapphire) screen and an HDMI connection for interfacing with a high definition monitor.

As a Linux lover myself, I find the prospect of having an open source computer-phone platform extremely exciting– especially considering the strides Ubuntu has made for Linux in the past decade or so. And while I can’t commit to a new mobile device at the moment, I’d love to see this item on the Canonical Store (or anywhere, really) sometime next year. So if you like open source and are hankering for a fancy, gadgetiest-of-gadgets-type device, contribute to the project! It sounds like a Cyborg’s dream to me.

Image source: Indiegogo


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